What I Offer

Group Mat Pilates

A series of exercises done on the mat with others to help strengthen, lengthen and tone your body without the use of Pilates apparatus

Group Pilates Chair Classes
Cardio driven pumped up Pilates with use of the Pilates chair

Group Pilates Core Combo Classes
Circuit training using mat, chairs, reformers, barrels, tower and weights

Group Pilates Boot Camp Classes
Interval training based pilates using the weighted Ugi Fitness balls
A twist on the old school medicine ball

Group Pilates Suspension Method Classes
Pilates using the suspension straps 

Private Reformer (55 minutes)
One hour private Pilates lesson, with use of some or all Pilates equipment

Duet Reformer (55 minutes)
One hour semi private lesson with use of some or all Pilates equipment

Morning Stretch (30 minutes)
yoga flow

Tone and Strength (30 minutes)
Weight training class

Sunday Stretch (60 minutes)
yoga flow with props 

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